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Welcome to, the home of the highest quality, built to last dance cages for your establishment.  Take a few moments to look around and learn why dance cages are an instant money-maker for your club and why products are the best around.

Choose from any of our exciting in stock models or let us custom design a special dance cage to your exact specifications.  Either way, you can be sure that with you are not only getting quality products that have been engineered to withstand even the wildest cage dancers, but you are also getting dance cages designed and manufactured by the industry leader. 

Go-Go girl dance cages of the 60's and 70's have evolved into the newest most exciting interactive night club furniture of the new century!  However you remember them, or whatever you may call them, they still mean excitement in any night club, bar or dance club that has them.  Go-Go girls were paid employees, provides interactive club furniture for your patrons to entertain themselves, while also entertaining other patrons.  If your club has ever had 2 ladies dancing together on the dance floor they will love this concept.  Cage dancers are a crowd pleaser.  The excitement and energy that the cage dancer provides is unmatched by any other concept in the night club industry today.  

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